Saturday's Style Summary

SUNDAY earrings: thrift, scarf: target, coat: gift (target), sweater: gap, shirt: gap (girls),
pants: gap, shoes: thrift
TUESDAY earrings: target, scarf: target, coat: gap, sweater: ae, jeans: gap, shoes: macy's
THURSDAY earrings: target, necklace: free cycle, sweater: thrift, shirt: f21, belt: thrift,
shorts: gap, tights: target, socks: target, boots: piperlime
SATURDAY earrings: ?, necklace: francesca's, jacket: thrift, shirt: h&m, belt: thrift,
jeans: thrift, boots: dsw

I'm quickly learning that outfit pictures and fall/winter weather in Illinois don't mix well.  It gets dark ridiculously early now and the mornings are freezing. The worst part, however, is the wind...

I am persistent though, I will prevail. :) 

Check out these two sites to see lots of other moms having fun with their clothes.
Momma Go Round  pleated poppy


  1. Oh my gosh, those outfits are FABULOUS!!! I love what you did with the scarves and I think those outfits are my faves.

    In fact, I think I'm gonna need a tutorial for that first magic trick you did with your scarf!

    Followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  2. Love your outfits! Love the H&M top from Saturday.

  3. Love the way you tied the scarf on Sunday's outfit! How did you do that?!

    Also I'm totally lusting over your thrifted jacket from Saturday.

  4. Your style is so perfect. I love every outfit

  5. Great outfits! So original and stylish! Looks like they are straight out of a catalog :) [in a good way]

  6. I love all of your outfits, especially the red scarf with the black/white stripes!


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