Saturday's Style Summary

SUNDAY earrings: florence, shirt: husbandie's, sweater: thrift, cords: gap, shoes: florence
TUESDAY sweater: gymboree (boys), shirt: mod cloth, pants: gap, shoes: florence
WEDNESDAY necklace: gift, earrings: gift, sweater: vs, shirt: f21, belt: thrift,
 cords: h&m, shoes: frock swap
Did anyone else go to Anthropologie's 50% off sale Friday morning? I have never had much luck with Black Friday but 50% off Anthropologie's sale racks was too much to resist. My sister and mother-in-law are kindred sprits and so we all piled in the car at 4:30 am to make our trek.  We were the first ones in line and found tons of treasures (it was a little hard to choose, I think we spent at least an hour in the dressing room). In the end we all went home with some great finds. My favorite two deals were high waisted cords for $15 and cereal/dessert bowls for less than $1. This just may be my new favorite holiday tradition.

Check out these two sites to see lots of other moms having fun with their clothes. 
Momma Go Round  pleated poppy


  1. um...never occurred to me that anthro had sales too...I will be in your trunk next year!

  2. Ooh, congrats on the Anthropologie sales! I never even leave the house anymore on Black Friday, though I used to do it.

    Love your creative outfit combinations!

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  3. LOVE the cords; I think I need to dig mine out of the disaster that is my closet!

    Hope you'll link up with What I Wore Wednesday:


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