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A few more Boston pictures - I love all the brick, so pretty...
SUNDAY hat: charming charlie, necklace: francesca's, sweater: borrowed,
belt & skirt: banana republic, bracelet: target, boots: piperlime

This was our last morning in Boston, enjoying the wonders of Cafe Vanille for the last time... *sigh*  I attempted to wear all black and white but just couldn't do it -hence the truqousie scarf.
TUESDAY earrings: target, scarf  & coat: gift,  shirt: gap (kids), sweater: thrift
jeans: anthropologie, boots: piperlime

Looking at these pictures makes me a little sad: the necklace is now in a dozen pieces and the shoes are covered in an concoction that I'm hoping will remove peanut oil stains. The necklace fell victim to a curious four-year-old.  The shoes to natural peanut butter and my clumsiness. 

On a happier note this dress and the sweater I wore Sunday were both loaned to me from my mother-in-law.  That lady is the greatest - super sweet and amazing style.
THURSDAY necklace & bracelet: gift, shirt: h&m, dress: borrowed, belt: ?,
tights: target, shoes: florence

FRIDAY necklaces: gift & f21, sweater, dress, & tights: target, shoes & earrings: florence
purse: charming charlie

Want more? Check out these sites to see lots of other moms having fun with their clothes.
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  1. I looooo.ooooo.oooove the red/white flowered skirt!

  2. I like the striped top and flowered skirt, I wouldn't have thought to try that. It looks lovely on you! And I think all pictures look great with brick!

  3. Great looks! I love the stripes with the floral skirt. I have wanted to try mixing prints. This looks great!

  4. You look great in all of the pics! Your hair is adorable!!!

  5. Hi Rachel!

    I just found your blog on Mingle Monday!
    So pleased to have found you, your style is so up my alley!
    Love it

    I will be your newest follower

    Ariane x

  6. I love all the prints. You've got great style! Thanks for showing off your style on Monday Mingle!

  7. I am a sucker for stripes and floral and it made me click on your link on the Pleated Poppy! I am into oxfords right now and blogged about them this week too.
    Love your funky style!

  8. Love love love your chic java drinkin' look! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle last week. I hope you'll join us again!


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