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This outfit combines my two favorite colors - it was happy day.

SUNDAY earrings, cardigan, & shoes: target, necklace: ?, belt: banana republic skirt: thrift 

I hardly ever wear outfits with no "color", so this look was a little bit of a stretch for me. I ended up really liking it though and found it quite comfortable. Unfortunately our camera was on the wrong setting and all my pictures turned out really pink. Much pinker than they are now - they've been edited - I looked like I was on fire ("girl on fire" :) ).

TUESDAY necklace: gift, sweater: banana republic, pants: gap, shoes: frock swap

I picked these shoes up at a church rummage sale. All you can stuff in a bag, only $3 - it was amazing! They are total old lady shoes and my feet love them!

WEDNESDAY earrings & t-shirt: target, necklace: francesca's, shoes: thrift
sweater and jeans: anthropologie

On the day I wore this the kids and I joined Husbandie for lunch in his school's cafeteria. This outfit is a big step up from the pajama pants and leopard print slippers I used to wear to my college cafeteria - Husbandie should be proud. 

FRIDAY dress: anthropologie, shirt & belt: thrift, tights: target, shoes: dsw

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  1. A fun week of fashion! Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle. This week I'm blinding everyone with my bright pink accents. wear your sunglasses when you check this one out!

  2. That green pencil skirt/blue cardigan combination is stunning! I also like the church rummage sale shoes. Nice bargain!


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