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I've felt a little frazzled this last week so I've only got two outfits to show you - no comment on if I actually made it out my pajamas more then twice.  

This first outfit was encouraged by my four-year-old. He loves this orange skirt and was adamant that I should wear it with the sweater. 

THURSDAY necklace: target, sweater: gap, skirt: hand-me-down, shoes: dsw
*the necklace is a little wonky becasue i spinning around*

These shoes, like a large portion of my wardrobe, are relatively old - kids drastically reduce the clothing budget. I bought them shortly after Husbandie and I got married. They are a little quirky and he's never quite understood them: "they are slip ons, why do they need ties:, "they don't match".  I however, think they are cute, fun, and extremely comfortable. 

SATURDAY earrings: target, sweater: gap, shirt: ?, pants: thrift, shoes: tjmaxx

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  1. These looks are so fun. I love the colors of the first look. Your four year old did well!

  2. Wow, your four-year-old was RIGHT!! I love that outfit, and now, I would like one for my very own. :)

  3. The orange is gorg! I had one of those weeks too :)

  4. The orange is absolutely fantastic on you, and it is great for spring.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. You are SO pretty!! Love your short hair.

  6. And the orange is wonderful! :)

  7. Love the orange and red together. I just love the color blocked looks of your outfits... I do that a lot and always think it looks cute.

  8. The orange and red looks great. I love that this spring there are such bright cheery colors.

  9. Just found your blog through I heart crafty things blog hop--and I love your style!! I am a new follower, I hope you get a chance to follow my blog and follow me back:)



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