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Both this dress and jacket were happy thrift finds - together they cost less than $16. 

SUNDAY earrings: target, jacket: thrift, dress: vintage/thrift,  shoes:dsw, 

This skirt is also a happy thrift find. I got it just a couple weeks ago and I plan to have my mother-in-law shorten it a little bit (it's even longer than it looks - I rolled it up at the waist) but when Jeremy suggested a last minute movie date I couldn't resist the urge to wear it.

MONDAY earrings: target, sweater: aw, skirt: thrift, shoes: frock swap

This dress is from college. I haven't worn it in a couple years. I just recently rediscovered it while  unpacking summer clothes. I'm not sure I'll keep it; the spaghetti strap bodice is not quite my style anymore, but I did really like how it looked with this cropped sweater.

TUESDAY hat: charming charlie, sweater: old navy, necklace: thrift/diy,
dress worn as a skirt: maurices (very old), shoes: dsw

 I rarely wear outfits without color and always feel a little edgy/tough when I do. Seeing these pictures tell me that it's all in my head though - I don't think I have the ability to actually look edgy or tough. 

WEDNESDAY earrings & shirt: target, pants: gap, shoes: frock swap, bracelet: gift

This skirt was given to me by a dear friend and is probably my favorite hand-me-down ever. Sadly, while wearing it I discovered a tiny hole. Debating on whether or not to keep wearing's not in a super noticeable or potentially awkward place so I'm thinking, yes!

SATURDAY earrings: target, shirt: old navy, belt: thrift, skirt: hand-me-down
shoes: florence

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  1. love all your outfits!! they all have something that makes them unique, like cut outs, tons of color and more!

  2. I love your style! You always look so put together and pretty.

    1. Thanks Amber! Complete transparincy though, there are days like today where I'm not at all put together - messy hair, no make-up, sweatpants and a t-shit was today's look. I think "messy days" make getting dressed up all the more fun though.

  3. You seriously have some amazing thrift finds!!!! I love each of these outfits, you have such great style.

  4. I love the pinstripes with the print. Classically modern. And of course, that fabulous orange skirt!

  5. You are so pretty!! Your style is so classic and perfect, I love it.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have GREAT style!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous!

    I would be absolutely honored to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting today, it would be perfect!


  8. Stopping by from Monday Mingle. The first dress is so pretty! Have a fashionable and fab weekend,


  9. ( can take it to this "darn-er" we know...he makes all things new...) and I am so excited it has given you such joy! I love love it on you!


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