Style Summary: Remixes

With all the traveling and other stuff going on last week we never found time for outfit pictures so I thought I'd share another set of remixes

This shirt is probably the only piece in my closet for which I've paid full price. I fell in love with the color and details so much that I just couldn't leave it behind. One of my favorite ways to wear it is with my high waisted flared jeans - ironically, I couldn't find any pictures of the two together. 

green silk shirt: banana republic

If I were a dress I would be this one. I always feel comfortable and just "me" when I'm wearing this piece.  

green shirt dress: anthropologie 

I bought these shorts spring 2011. I really wanted a pair of pattern shorts but wasn't quite sure how I would work them into my wardrobe. When I found these for super cheap at Forever 21, I was ecstatic. There were definitely worth every penny as they have proven to be quite versatile.

floral short: forever 21 

Want more? Check out these sites to see lots of other ladies having fun with their clothes.
pleated poppy


  1. I love your green dress! That's pretty much the perfect dress, I think.

  2. oooh you have some cute and versatile pieces!

    C’s Evolution of Style

  3. Where are the khaki pants from? In the first set with the green shirt? I've been looking for pants that style and can't really find any I like!

  4. Love that green top and green dress! You got so many looks out of each of them - way to go! I think I need to try and do that more often with the pieces that I love in my own wardrobe.

  5. I love how you showed how many different ways to wear those clothes! LOVE the outfits will the belt!


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