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This sweater was a Target clearance find: cheap, stripes, & mustard - I couldn't be happier. 

SUNDAY sweater and gold bracelet: target, shirt: ae, skirt & lace bracelet: thrift, 
necklace & shoes: gift 
*the lace bracelet is actually a choker-style necklace wrapped around my wrist twice

Growing up we didn't own fall coats but instead my mom focused on getting us one really good coat that would survive Iowa's long and windy winters. Until it got really cold we just relied on layers. I continued to follow this tradition until a couple years ago. Now I see lighter weight jackets as an essential and this is one of my current favorites; I picked it up at Gap (clearance) last year for under $20. 

TUESDAY jacket: gap, shirt: h&m, pants: thrift, shoes: dsw 

I feel like the trend is old now, but I'm still loving matching shoes and tights.

WEDNESDAY dress & shoes: anthropologie, tights: ?

I picked these pants up at Francesca's this weekend - $16!  I was a little nervous that they wouldn't wear well, but they are extremely comfortable and stayed wrinkle-free all'll probably be seeing them a lot in the weeks to come.

THURSDAY earrings & pants: francesca's, shirt: thrift, shoes: charming charlie

Converse used to be my go-to shoes and I still think a classic black pair can be worn with almost anything. I got this blue pair a little over three years ago, as a tradition/celebration when we found out Mini Man was going to a boy. They are a bit harder to mix in than black ones but I love them all the same. 

FRIDAY sweater: gymboree (boys), shirt: everlane, necklace: target,  belt & skirt: thrift,
shoes: dsw

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  1. Love, love the yellow tights! The color combination in your Sunday outfit is fantastic! I need to get braver at putting together bold colors!

  2. LOVE! I am SO craving mustard tights right now! I really love how you paired them with purple! Super duper cute!

  3. Can I come raid your closet? So serious about that.

    I love the Target clearance rack. You found some great items!!

  4. Love the Sunday, Thursday and Friday outfits! So cute! ;)

  5. Loving all of your color combinations! Your outfits are awesome!


  6. I JUST had that sweater from Target in my hand yesterday...and put it back down cuz I wasn't sure I needed another I want to go back! LOL I also love all your outfits!!! ( I am here from WIWW

  7. Love all these outfits. Love how you play with color too!

  8. Love the purple dress with the yellow, so fun!


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