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SUNDAY earrings/boots/tight/socks: target, sweater: gap, belt: thrift, necklace: gift
dress: borrowing (fossil) 
Boots | Everybody, Everywear

MONDAY earrings/belt/shoes: thrift, dress: francesca's, socks: target, purse: gift
*this was an evening only look...the rest of the day was spent in my pajamas

WEDNESDAY earrings: francesca's sweater: thrift, shirt: ae, pants: gap, shoes: target

THURSDAY earrings/sweater: target, necklace: ?, skirt: banana republic,
boots: piper lime

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pleated poppy

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. Love sunday's outfit especially! Are you struggling with growing out the fringe too?

    I'm at that in between phase and trying to grow it all out - it's horrible isn't it!!

    1. I am growing it out and I need a trim. I loved the pixie but I am looking forward to ponytails.

  2. Love Sunday's outfit! And your cute layered look with the pink loafers is adorable! ;)

  3. Love your outfits! Just too cute.

  4. I love the dress from Sunday! So cute! I'm your newest follower!


  5. The color of that first, red dress is so rich and I LOVE the entire second outfit to death! (: It was an unexpected surprise to find several outfits in one here. Thank you!


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