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I wore this skirt last week as well. I sometimes forget about it, but then when I do wear it, I'm quickly reminded of how much I love it - so much so that it's hard not to wear it all the time. 

SUNDAY necklace: gift, cardigan + coat: gap, shirt: old navy, skirt: anthropologie
shoes: dsw 

Last winter my sister-in-law, Heather, taught me how to knit. This is my first wearable piece; I knitted another scarf but it was a bit wonky. I'm hoping this one stretches out a little more, but over all I'm pleased. I'm excited to try my hand at knitting a few more pieces. Right now I'm working on some scarfs for the boys; they helped me pick out the yarn and are super anxious for me finish. 

MONDAY coat: francesca's, scarf: diy, sweater: old navy, jeans: thrift, boots: target

I've been battling a cold this last week and I feel like you can totally tell I'm drugged-up on DayQuil in these pictures - mommy's don't get many sick days. On a different note, in person these tights read a lot less red and more of a burnt orange. 

THURSDAY scarf & shoes: italy, sweater: f21, belt: thrift, skirt: gap, tights: target

I know oxblood (wine, cranberry, burgundy, etc) is the cool kid color this season but I've honestly been most excited about purple. I've been looking for a lighter shade of purple pants for a while now and was super excited when I found these at Gap - and I had a 40% coupon! Not only do I love the color but they fit well (no gapping in the back!) and are super comfortable. 

SATURDAY earrings: target, sweater: a&e, pants: gap, shoes: dsw

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  1. I love all of them! My favorite is #3 because of the bold colors and textures with a great scarf, heels, and shoes. :) God bless!


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