Trollys and Flowers in Denver

We didn't spend much time in Denver but after visiting Em at her office we thought it would fun to ride the Platte Valley Trolly. This is a great inexpensive activity for families. The views along the Platte River are pretty and at the final stop they let the kids come up and ring the bell. The tour guides also share a bit of Denver's history. 

I had my 34th birthday while we were in Colorado. Even though we were away, Jeremy made sure it was still a very special day. I woke up to Starbucks, donuts, flowers, and some fun little gifts. He also arranged for Aunt Em and Uncle Dan to watch our kiddos so we could go out alone for the night. We headed back to Denver to the Botanic Gardens. Unless there is a concert or show we want see I prefer to keep our dates simple - I treasure the conversations we can have when we are away from household and parenting duties. For dinner we went to Vesta Dipping Grill - the food was amazing!  

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