Thoughts on Easter

This past weekend we celebrated Easter. I am of course, in awe of the sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. However, as I look back on my walk with Christ I'm more amazed by His ability to redeem. To take something broken, something painful, and to bring new life to it.

Over fifteen years ago, I received what I thought was the most calamitous news, I would be returning home to my mom. I had been living in a foster home and for the first time in my life I felt secure - like I could finally be a kid. My mom had a difficult childhood and she carried many of those wounds in to her own family. She had a tendency to gravitate towards destructive men and to look to them to validate her. She was never allowed to be a child and thus wasn't ready to be a parent. Therefore, a lot of the responsibility of taking care my little sisters fell on me.

my mom and some of my siblings at our hose for Easter

Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internet....

favorite pinterest quote of the week. 

  • My youngest brother has down syndrome, this video of people dancing to Happy to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, brought a huge smile to my face. 
  • I'm not sure that Jeremy is really hold out any hope that our children follow in his footsteps, but even if they don't these, 15 books for little architects, are still pretty cute. 
  • Jeremy and I are both currently obsessed with Game of Thrones. I get nervous that's it is not going anywhere good but the story telling is so compelling that I just can't help but watch. If you are fan of the show you might get chuckle our the houses rebranded in to major corporations
  • I'm really enjoying the current movement of just letting kids be kids again (i.e. stop trying to wrap them in a protective bubble or turn them in to a prodigy). Here's another great article from a physician encouraging parents to relax, because our kids probably aren't going to end up in the pros. 
  • Vogue did a fun tribute to the best bangs of all time. For as long as I can remember I've had a thing for bangs. I get tired of them and grow them out, but then I always decided I want them back.  I haven't always had the the best, or even good bangs for that matter, but I do enjoy them.

just for fun, me and my 2nd grade bangs. i don't think
they'd  look so bad if it wasn't for the random
balloons fasten to my head. 

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What My Kids Have Been Wearing

This afternoon I hear Big Buddy ask, "what this red stuff on the floor? Oh, it's coming from my foot!" I send him to bathroom to wash it off and as I'm bandaging it up I ask him what he stepped on. He looks at my confused so I ask again, and his response, "I don't know, I'm too strong to feel a tiny cut!" These boys sure know how to keep me on my toes! 

shirt: old navy (similar $18), pants: gift (similar $38),
shoes: gymboree (similar $35 or similar $21)

Lately, Little Lady has made some funny remarks about Jeremy's hair. The other day she was brushing his hair and told him that he had "tangled" hair. He thought she was saying it was hard to comb, but when he asked her about she said "like the tangled movie!" Then the other day he told her he was going to shave his whiskers and she was completely aghast, "are you going to be a boy?"
Jeremy tried to explain,  "no I am going to stay a daddy." Little Lady still confused, "but daddy's keep their whiskers on!"

shirt: old navy, dress worn as a skirt: gift (similar $15), shoes: gap (similar $14)

You wouldn't guess it by looking at this kid but he loves to eat! Around ten today he asked for another snack, to wish I said, "no, you've already had breakfast and a snack." His response, "mommy, didn't you know that was just a warm up." I'm pretty sure I'm raising a future hobbit. 

suspenders: target, shirt: thrift (similar $16), pants: gift (similar $18)
shoes: gymboree (similar $35 or similar $21)

Around Our Schoolroom: Easter

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been adding a few Easter items to our schoolroom shelves. The rotation of activities helps keep my kids interested in learning and mastering/practicing skills. They especially like it when our theme is holiday related. The activities below are designed for various ability levels; my youngest is three and my oldest is six.  For my oldest, Big Buddy, these are a supplement to his first grade curriculum. 


Creating patterns with glitter eggs.
The glitter eggs are from dollar tree. I cut a few egg cartons in half and then glued
them together to create a long but divided row. 

Upper and lower case egg matching with phonic inserts.  The younger kids just match the 
letters. While the older kids match the letters and insert the correct corresponding picture. 
The inserts were purchased from Monstessori for Everyone and printed at 60% so they'd fit into the eggs
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