An Uncommonly Good Speed Racer

I used to be a little sheepish to admit it but my main love language is definitely gifts. I love receiving a well thought out present but, even more, I love giving good gifts and am always on the lookout for exceptional ideas. Therefore, when UncommonGoods contacted me about reviewing one of their products, I was thrilled.  Jeremy and I had a blast looking through their website...they have so many unique products. We finally decided on the Magnetic Wooden Car Set, since Mini Man is currently obsessed with cars and is determined that someday he will be a race car driver. He also has a creative streak and loves to build, so this toy seemed perfect for him. 

Easy Mosaics.

I mentioned last week that we are currently finishing up, The Story of The World: Ancient Times. The history of Roman has definitely intrigued us; there so much to cover and they way it's impacted western civilization is fascinating! On a side note, if like me, you have the desire to learn more than what your children's history books are offering you I highly recommended the podcast,  "The History of Rome by Mike Duncan. The episodes are short, so it's easy to listen to while doing household chores, etc. 

Alright, back to the reason for this post, one of the Roman themed activities we've done is create these simple mosaics. 

A Day at Santa's Village Azoosment Park

One of our neighbors works at a nearby theme park called Santa's Village Azoosment Park, and was kind enough to share one of her family passes with us. This was our second visit, we went last year with my sister's family, and once again we had a blast! It's now closed for the winter but if you are local I definitely recommend checking it out next spring/summer.

The park is geared towards families with younger children, only two of the rides have minimum height requirements.  It is a small park with just under twenty rides, but the $19.75 price feels like a bargain. Most of their rides are the traditional kind: a galleon ship, bumper cars, a carousel, a tilt-a-whirl, etc. 

DIY, Dress Up Laurel Wreaths

We are just now finishing up, The Story of The World: Ancient Times, we are little bit behind because we took a couple detours to dig deeper in to some subjects. Big Buddy was particular interested in learning more about the the Greek Gods, Olympians, gladiators, and the Roman Army. One thing that kept appearing in all of these areas was the laurel wreath. Thus, it became an area of fascination. The boys have been spending a lot of time pretending to by Roman legionaries, so I thought it be fun to make some for their dress box. 

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