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A Day in Chicago

A morning exploring The Art Institute and an afternoon at Maggie Daley Park is one my favorite ways to spend a day in Chicago with my kiddos. They are just across the street from each other, so I only have to park once and there are no complaints about aching feet. It's also an inexpensive day out. The Art Institute is always free for children under the age of 14 and if you register it's also always free for teachers - if you homeschool you'll just need to show a co-op id.

Our favorite place to park is the Millennium Lakeside Garage - there is a stroller friendly elevator that takes your right up to one of the entrances to Maggie Daley Park. We always use Spot Hero and park for the day for around $15.
We went last week and had such a good time. I need to make more of an effort to visit Chicago more always feels like such a big task (it's the hour in traffic that get me) to do solo but once we are in the city we have so much fun. 
We are currently studying V…
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Our March and April Morning Basket

It doesn't always go smoothly and it's hardly ever quiet, but starting each day with morning time has become my favorite part of our homeschool routine. I have hopes that someday there will be less spills and less interruptions, but right now, I'm just enjoying the little bit of goodness we get to dive into each morning...even if that goodness only lasts for five minutes.  Originally, my plan was to study a new composer, artist, and poet each month but that just wasn't giving us enough time. While I'm not expecting any sort of mastery; I want my kiddos to feel a familiarity with these greats - to almost start to think of them as friends.  Rembrandt was our artist. The prints are from Simply Charlotte Mason. You can also get lesson plans to go with them, but I just order the prints and read a couple biographies. The biographies we read were Rembrandt (Masterpieces: Artists and Their Works)and What Makes A Rembrandt a Rembrandt. The later was our favorite. Each page-s…

Mother's Day 2018

I'm such a lucky momma. My older three kiddos, with the help of Jeremy, surprised me with breakfast in bed yesterday. Jeremy made sure I knew to stay in my room and they all headed  downstairs early to make me bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes. It was so much fun hearing their happy chatter as they prepared their surprise. 

Big Buddy is so past giving kisses to his Mama, but he knows is makes me happy so once in awhile he will amuse me. 💓

They day before they also worked together to make this spinning Lego heart. I love that they are such a team! The breakfast and the heart were wonderful, but them working together is what makes me beam with joy. 

BabyZ gave his own gift and slept in super late! He didn't wake up until after my breakfast was served...and then he helped me eat some of my chocolate chip pancakes 😉 He was convinced that all the candles meant it was somebodies birthday and started to sing "Happy Birthday". The older kiddos quickly adapted it to…

St. Patrick's Day 2018

I've mentioned before that we are big on traditions, especially holiday traditions. St. Patrick's Day doesn't get left out! Every year the kids' aunts send them a box full of St. Patrick's Day goodies.  We deck our house out in in green and then count down the days until the leprechaun visits. This year was a little bittersweet for me, because in past years the kiddos didn't call it St. Patrick's Day; it was a count down until Green Day...nobody called it Green Day this year. They are growing up too fast! 
At our house the leprechaun hides some gold/golden wrapped candy under a hidden rainbow. To find the rainbow the kiddos have to solve five rhyming riddles.  He also dyes some milk green, sets out the Lucky Charms, and usually leaves behind balloons. 

We thought the second clue would be really easy for them but it took them awhile for them to solve. That right answer was just coming to Mini Man in the picture below. 

And they are off...

BabyZ wasn't s…

February Morning Basket

My goal is to post our morning basket every month, but I haven't done it since September...trying to be more organized with this space but life continues to get crazy and hectic. I call it our morning basket because we always pull out it out during breakfast, but we read through the books in it several times during a school day. 

Every month I choose a poet, a composer, and an artist for us to study. My goal is not for my kiddos to have mastery on these people/topics but for them to become acquainted with them. I want to help them develop an affection for what is good and beautiful.

Our poet this month was Robert Frost. Both my boys have been reluctant readers, but one of their stronger skills is their ability to memorize poems. At breakfast I have them read the same poem for a week or so and that usually leads them having it memorized. Poetry has helped improve their vocabulary and helped them develop a cadence when reading other works. 
I really enjoyed Poetry for Kids: Robert …