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Cornstarch and Water Play

Earlier this week the boys asked to make cornstarch goo. This is a classic science experiment: when combined, cornstarch and water create a non-newtonian fluid - having properties of both a liquid and a solid - but we make it simply because it's fun and messy. 

This kept us busy for almost an hour. It tends to get messy but it cleans up really fast. I've always dumped it out after one use, but this last time I left it in the tins. It dried out but once we added water, it was as good as new.

Style Summary

This outfit is a combination of favorites: a favorite dress, a favorite shirt, and a favorite belt.

The rest of the week was spent in a volunteer t-shirt. Every year my church hosts an amazing, week-long day camp, called High Five, for preschool and elementary students. This year I signed up to run the Imagination Station elective, and it was messy, crazy hectic, and a ton of fun.

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Style Summary

This dress has been a favorite of mine for awhile - I posted six remixes here. While I've always loved the color and pattern the length made me a little uncomfortable so I asked my mother-in-law to lower the hem a couple inches and now it's hard not to put on everyday. 

My sister-in-law surprised me with this skirt and a few other treasures from her closet a couple weeks ago. I really wish we lived closer...I miss her...and her closet. :) 

These shoes were a surprise from my mother-in-law - she found them at Kohl's for $11! Pink and orange were the colors of my wedding so these shoes make me all kinds of happy. 

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Great People, Great Times

Yesterday I got my hair cut and while talking about our summer plans, my stylist asked about my ideal vacation spot. In my mind I ran through all the places I'd love to go again (Paris, Colorado, Italy), but ultimately it came down to the people. My favorite thing about vacations is the uninterrupted time I get to spend with the people I love - with them by my side, the location doesn't matter a whole lot, we are going to have fun! Over the last two weeks we've been blessed to take two little vacations, one with family and one with friends. We didn't go anywhere exotic - though both places where beautiful and super cozy. And unless I could of brought them all with me, I wouldn't have traded either one...even for Sienna, Italy. 
I wasn't very good at taking pictures on either of our vacations but here are a few of my favorites from our family get together... 

And a few from our vacation with friends. 

7 Years

Jeremy - today you and I have been married for seven years. I was going to try to pick out a photo for every year but there were a couple problems: first, you seem to rarely be in front of the camera and, second, it was impossible to narrow it all the way down to seven. I got close, here are nine pictures from the past seven years that made me smile.