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Style Summary

I usually look forward to wearing dresses and heals on Sunday - it's not a look I can always manage when I'm by myself with kids the rest of the week. This last week, however, I wasn't feeling it and opted for jeans instead. These jeans make me smile because they are  Husbandie's find. He had indulged me and agreed to afternoon at Goodwill and while we were there he found these jeans - $7!

Isn't this bike necklace fun? I found on clearance at Target and I thought it was a perfect spring/summer accessory. 

This is one of my favorite skirts. Not only do I love the colors but the green and blue detail on the skirt is actually embroidery.  That combined with the waistband gives it some fun and unique texture. 

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Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

"these are the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...
they are a reminder to the heart there is more to life than meets the eye...
He is in the small graces....
small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come..."

And a few not photographed... a movie date (Hunger Games!) with husbandieand evening of sharing and pray with some pretty extraordinary womenwatching Little Lady walk ALL the way across her brothers' room. She's really taken her time - 14 months! Maybe we will share a little video next week Little Lady also finally decided to start using some sign languagecoming home from the library to find that before Husbandie left for his work conference he made sure I had a very clean house - I am so blessed to married to that man!

Have Light Table, Will Travel

One of the coolest toys I ever came across while working in child care was a light box. We let the kids use it for all sorts of activities: tracing their names in sand, looking at x-rays, sorting, color mixing, etc - it really makes almost anything more fun. As much as I enjoyed them, I never thought having one at home would be an option - they are expensive!  Then I started seeing quite a few DIY versions popping up on blogs and was so smitten with this idea that I shared it with Husbanie.  He's pretty great, so now a couple weeks later we have this:

The version he made varies quite a bit from the example I showed him so I asked him if he'd be willing to write up a tutorial of his own.  With out further ado - my husbandie : ) 
Hi all...I'm pretty honored and excited that I get let loose on my wife's blog. Well, not really - the standard is pretty high around here, so I am actually pretty nervous; please excuse any stutters.
My tutorial will follow this format: material …

Style Summary

This polka dots shirt is one of the pieces I picked up at The Garment District while we were in Boston. I'm currently loving polka dots, and blue is my favorite color to wear, so I was pretty excited when I saw it was only $8!

I always told myself I wouldn't do things like this but I couldn't resist...

Yes, I'm wearing the same pair of jeans two days in a row - they are a new favorite. I find it difficult to find jeans that I love; if I'm going to wear pants I usually prefer cords. Random fact: I didn't own my 1st pair of jeans until middle school! These, however, are super comfortable and they are high waisted which means that when I am playing around, all if have to worry about is my kids. 

Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

"sometimes they slip by without notice sometimes they are very hard to see other times it's very clear when they are happening to me" 

and a few not photographed... evening family bike rides, especially since early this week we thought husbandie's bike had been stolen - it had been picked up by campus security by mistakethe kind lady ahead of me at the grocery store - not only did she say my annoying very inquisitive children were adorable, she insisted on giving me her $4.50-off-your-cart-couponcuddling and praying with husbandie after a day of fighting disagreements 
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Repurposed Toilet Bowl Brushes

Since the weather has warmed up the boys and I haven't done too many crafts - right now they would rather dig in the dirt than paint.  A couple weeks ago, however, we did do a little bit of messy painting outside. Yes, you read the title right - we used toliet bowl brushes!

Don't worry the brushes were brand new and have never seen a toilet; they were one of our 70-percent-off-Target-dollar-spot-deals - $0.33!  They actually worked quite well for painting, with each even coming with it's own little paint "dish". 

They are obsessed very interested in the toilet bowl in our bathroom so I figured these were sure to be a hit. 

If I can't stop them from finding it interesting I might as well "control" the fun. 

Towards the end they started using them more like mallets - so we'll be waiting till it's warm enough to hose them off outside before we play with them again.