Messy Mondays: Truck Tracks

Several years working in daycares and after school programs makes you a lover of crafts. It something tangible & concrete, a pretty visual of all your hard work hanging on the wall for everyone to see, to stop and 'ahhh' over. I pictured my days as a stay-home mom filled with hours of orderly crafting, dozens of cute kid creation decorating my walls.  Too bad my boys don't do orderly, or cute...they are masters of messy.

Last week we had a lot of messy fun, sending trucks covered in paint down a ramp.

Supplies: ramp (or a slide), trucks, paint, paint tray, tape, paper, & children ready to get messy 

As you can see the boys really enjoyed themselves.  I had no intention of it being a learning activity, just messy, but Josiah initiated a conversation about the different sizes of tire tracks and why some trucks went faster then others.  The ultimate success, however, was Micah waiting until the second time we did the activity to eat paint. 


  1. what a fun idea! totally stealing it with my boys!

  2. You should link this up at 733 a Creative Blog. Such a great idea!

  3. How fun! I have done car painting before and the boys love it! This one will be a fun new twist that I will have to try asap!

  4. that is some serious messy fun! they look like they had a fabulous time! Playing & painting all in one = PERFECT MESSY FUN

    would love to have you link up to the sunday showcase -

    It's a weekly child centered linky party I co-host every week. We are oepn for links from Sat night thru Thursday! Hope you stop by to share.


  5. Oh I love this!! The ramp is a great touch!! Thanks for linking up!


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