The last Harry Potter movie is bittersweet. Not only have I enjoyed Harry's story but he's become a part of mine.  Harry and I have history. The summer after a bad break up his first five books provided a much needed distraction. I also met my husband that summer and it was our common love for Potter that finally got him to speak to me in full sentences. Since then our relationship has been peppered with Potter events: midnight movie premieres, long road trips listening to audiobooks, a "Trust Snape" sticker on our first car, and evenings spent searching for the perfect Butter Beer recipe. My favorite memory though is the seventh book release party we attended; hosted by Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, it was touted as the largest release party in America. I was VERY pregnant, Josiah made his debut less than a month later.  It was crazy and we loved every minute.  We met up with some friends and watched the pottermania. Then around midnight we found our spot in line and waited to be handed our two books(sharing was not an option). Once we got home we camped out on the couch reading and eating junk food; it wasn't a pretty site.

Part of us wanted to end the movie series with a crazy midnight event as well. However, we decided that Harry isn't the only one who's grown up...we have too.  With work and three young children, a midnight premiere just didn't seem wise.  So instead of staying up all night last night, we're attending the 8:30 show this evening.  We've put on our Hufflepuff and Syltherin colors and are ready to say goodbye to The Boy Who Lived.  For a few years anyways, then we will very excitedly introduce him to our children and hopefully pottermania will take over our lives once again.  

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