Saturday's Style Summary: July 16th

I'm no fashion expert, but I really, REALLY enjoy clothes. I can be quiet and reserved when I first meet people and clothes give me a "safe" way of expressing myself. They also remind me that I am more than just a mom. Getting dressed can change my outlook on a day...even the most boring tedious tasks are fun in a twirl skirt.  This passion for clothes has caused a slight addiction to outfit posting blogs: Kendi Everyday and The Daybook are my favorites. They make me smile and the pictures inspire me to keep being creative with my clothes and not settle for the mundane.  Here's a look at the fun I had this week.
SUNDAY Shirt: Anthropologie, Belt: H&M, Skirt: Frock Swap, Shoes: Thrifted,
Earrings: Borrowed, Bracelet: Targe
TUESDAY Shirt: Banana Republic, Belt & Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: Florence,
Bracelet & Earrings: Target
WEDNESDAY Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Germany, Shoes: Florence, Earrings: Target
FRIDAY Dress: Anthropologie, Vest: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: TJ Maxx, Bag: Charming Charlies,
Bracelet: Borrowed, Belt & Earrings: Target 
Saturday Shirt #1: JCrew, Shirt #2: F21, Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: DSW, Earrings: Florence

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