Weary Free Wednesday: Mock Frappucinos

It doesn't take most people long to notice that I thoroughly enjoy coffee & chocolate & sugar & cream.  Frappucinos are perfect blend of all these things and with the heat, I've been craving them more than usual. Sadly, $5 beverages aren't in our budget. In desperation (spending above 95 degree days with three young children gets you to this point fast) I looked around our kitchen to see if I could create my own version.
Ingredients 2 C strong coffee (chilled), 8 Ice Cubes, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream,
1/8 C chocolate syrup, 1/8 C Heath Bits,
Throw it all in blender for 10 seconds
Drink. Enjoy. Be Happy.
It turned out pretty well.  Maybe too well - my morning green smoothie has been replaced by mock frappucinos. It's summer, so ice cream with your breakfast is totally acceptable...right?

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  1. If you drink them in your green kitchen, there's no net loss whatsoever.


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