Weary Free Wednesday: Soothing Smiles

With two children I felt like I had system, a schedule, a little bit of control. Then we had Kayleia and the system broke. Even when Jeremy is home we are out numbered & when he's at work, I don't stand a chance. Our days are filled with chaos. There are times when everything feels frantic...and then she smiles.

All of a sudden the world stops spinning...

I can't help but stop, take a breath, and smile back.

All my children have amazing smiles but there is something extra sweet about hers.  Something that makes it even more entrancing.  Maybe it's because she a girl...

Or maybe it's because I think she looks like her daddy & his smile has also been known to stop me in my tracks. 

c/o www.RyanAndHeidi.com
Whatever the reason, I love it & wouldn't trade it for a million calm controlled days.

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