Weary Free Wednesday: Unfinished

Our bathroom is not quite finished.  We started remodeling last summer and still have some undone areas as well as more decorating to do.

Door Frame 7/11

Heating Vent 7/11

This can be a problem for someone like me.  Someone who loves the feeling of crossing a task off a list and the sense of accomplishment, peace, and control that follows. Unfinished and I just don't get along. He's annoying and exhausting.  Instead of focusing on Unfinished though, I've taken to looking at these...

View from Hall 9/09

Bathtub 9/09

Or these...

View from back wall 8/10

View from doorway 8/10

Suddenly Unfinished doesn't seem quite so bad.

View from doorway 7/11

View from back wall 7/11

I'm actually quite fond of him.


  1. I bought that shower curtain for my bathroom, too! but then Bart didn't think it "felt like" me. lol I love it!

  2. And will you go turn off the word verification? You'll get more commenters that way. :)

  3. Turned it off, thanks for the tip Katie. I just got a book from library yesterday on how to use blogger, so much I am clueless about.

  4. lol. I'll give you another tip, too...make sure you have comments sent to your email inbox, and then reply to them through email. I just came back to see if you'd replied here, but most people won't do that. It's much easier to build relationships with other bloggers by email replying to their comments!

    And, make sure on your blogger profile, you clicked "yes" to "show email." That way, people can email you when you comment (as long as you sign in through google when you comment.)


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