Weekend in Indy

This last weekend we took a trip to Indy. The drive there was looong. What should of been a four hour drive took seven! Once we got there though we had a blast. We joined Aunt Heather & Uncle Kyle for their BabyWho? party and couldn't be happier that it's a baby girl on the way.

 Well most of us anyway....


We also stopped by Auntie Em's & toured the new farm she's managing.  We met and fed the horses, goats, and pigs.

 Josiah also had fun gathering eggs.

However, true to form, the boys' favorite part was the creek, dirt, & rocks.  

We are all tired but can't wait to visit again. 

That is if Uncle Kyle & Aunt Heather ever invite us back after we clogged their toilet with an ankylosaurus. Another blog post perhaps...

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