Blueberry Lemon Therapy

Baking has become a sort of therapy for me. We started our sessions almost five years ago, I had just accepted the director position at a nonprofit child care center and I was in way over my head. All the children that attended the center came from low-income homes and several came from highly dysfunctional homes. Their needs where great and being non-profit our resources where limited. Many nights I went home feeling defeated. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my job and I believe we made a difference, but it's a job where you don't see an immediate really can only hope.  So I'd come home and bake. I'd make a huge mess measuring and stirring, then while my home filled with enticing smells I'd clean it all up and be left with something warm and sweet.  Compared to my job, the hour or two that baking takes gave immediate gratification and somehow it gave me the energy to keep hoping.  I'm mostly a stay-at-home mom now (I sub from time to time) but at the end of a rough day I still find myself reaching for the flour and sugar.  Even in the heat this summer (we do not have central air) I found myself wanting needing to bake...and that's how I discovered lemon blueberry scones. They are wonderful!  I tried a couple recipes but this one was my favorite. I had always assumed that because scones sound fancy, they'd be difficult to make but they are actually relatively easy and the "fancy" steps (see below pictures) just increase the therapeutic value.

Zesting a lemon

Cutting in the butter

Final mixture should be crumbly

Finished product

This has been my go-to recipe the last couple months and I have throughly enjoyed them (aka I don't like sharing them with husbandie) but I feel like summer is coming to an end and it's time to move on to apples and pumpkins, or maybe just a different scone.


  1. Oh Rachel! Those look so happy!

  2. Yum! Totally agree about baking being therapy.


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