Messy Mondays: Fly Swatter Painting

Last week Ace had fly swatters on sale (3/$1) and I couldn't resist picking up a pack to use for painting.  It's a VERY messy craft - we broke out the hose afterwards - but the fun made it well worth every minute of clean-up.

Here's what we used

washable paint, fly swatters, paper plates, crayons, small table covered with craft paper.  

Husbandie knew that I was planning on doing this activity with the boys so while I was at work he helped them draw bugs all over the paper.

Big Buddy really enjoyed coloring the bugs but was a little leery about the fly swatters - the splattered-paint-shirt look isn't for him.

Mini Man on the other has was all over the fly swatters, going feet first into the grunge look.

The neighborhood girls also couldn't resist joining the fun.

Which got me thinking that a kids paint party could be really fun.  Husbandie thinks I'm crazy and that it would turn our house and yard tie-dyed.  I think the mess would be the fun part, and if we did it on a warm day we could just turn the pool into a bubble bath. We will see who's right :).


  1. I have always wanted to try this with my kids, it looks like so much fun! I love the idea of drawing bugs on the paper before painting. What a hoot! :)

  2. Oh my, how much mess, you are brave! Saw you on linky party, now google friend following. Please pop by and I would love it if you followed me too, Karima x

  3. love it! We did the hot wheel painting the other day. I'll have to try this now! Adam LOVES fly swatters!


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