Micah & Tomatoes

This is my first year starting tomatoes from seeds so when our plants became crowed and heavy with green tomatoes I was ecstatic. The last couple weeks the boys and I have been frequently checking on them hoping to find some bright red peeking through the green. Yesterday I discovered some grape tomatoes ripe and ready for picking. I started making plans for how I could incorporate them in to our supper...then Micah came over.
He had different plans.

We didn't get to have tomatoes with supper. I figured it was better to let Micah snack on them instead of the sticks, mud, leaves, or sand he usually finds. We are excitedly looking for the next signs of red...Micah will soon be learning to share.

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  1. Just don't tell him quite yet that it's a vegetable (or a fruit, whichever). It's great when kids discover things like this.


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