Saturday's Style Summary: August 27th

I had a crisis this week. Well maybe not a "crisis" but it was uncomfortable. I fell asleep with my contacts in Monday night and my eyes were not happy!  I woke up in the middle of the night to find them burning and bloodshot. I was sure that I had given myself another corneal abrasion (my eyes seem to be the 1st part of me to protest aging) and that I'd have to pay for my laziness by wearing my glasses the next two weeks.  My glasses are old, 5 years old, and have been mistaken for a toy several times...lets just say they aren't in the best shape.  Thankfully by Wednesday morning my eyes were back to normal and I could wear contacts comfortably. The experience left me dreaming about new glasses though, thinking either these or these.  Anyways, on to what I wore
SUNDAY Earrings: Borrowed, Dress: Boutique in Spain, Bracelet: Target, Shoes: Thrifted
MONDAY Earrings: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Bracelets: ?,  Pants: Boutique in Germany (10 years ago!), Shoes: DSW 
TUESDAY  Earrings: Target, Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Shoes: Thrifted
THURSDAY Earrings: Target, Shirt: Mod Cloth, Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: Florence Street Market
SATURDAY Earrings: Gift, Shirt: Gap, Belt: Thrifted, Shorts: F21, Shoes: Payless
 And because she's super cure here's Kayleia rocking the polka dot trend.


  1. You seem to have Europe on the mind this week.

  2. Sometime soon I'll have to post a picture of how I style Prof L's €5 shirt.

  3. I vote for the amber Warby Parker's!
    What fabulous red pants!

  4. Rachel, I LOVE your Saturday Style posts. You got style, lady!


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