Weary Free Wednesday: Josiah's Four!

Josiah turns four this week. I'm a mess of emotions, proud of who he is and so excited for the next stages, but at the same time mourning the ones that have flown by far too quickly. There are moments when I just want my children to hurry up and grow, to not need me so much, to speak through words instead of tears, and to not be so messy! Then a birthday hits, and I'm reminded of how fast time is going and would give anything to slow it down. The baby fat, tiny feet, and cute mispronounced words are quickly disappearing. There's a lot of good stuff taking it's place but a part of me still misses the "baby". In my state of melancholy I've been looking through pictures and thought I'd share some of my favorites.
The day we brought him home
Impressing Maca & Papa
Mini Cuse Fan
1st Daddy Buddy photo shoot
Coppertone Baby
Day at the local splash pad
Sporting Daddy's hat
One of the worst days of my life, but I love this picture,
the relief that sweet smile brought
Our little scarecrow
So industrious
One of my favorite Ryan Browne pictures
Trying to look like Mommy
Snowboard stud

Biker ring bearer
It's good to always be prepared...
Sweet big brother
Beach Bum

Yeah, there's no doubt about it, he's one extraordinary boy. And I am one very blessed mommy! 

Happy 4th Birthday Josiah! 


  1. Awwwww, that post brought tears to my eyes! My baby just turned 1yr old two weeks ago and as much as I want her to keep growing, I already miss my little newborn. Those pictures were great! The sword under the pajamas had me laughing. What a cute boy you have!

  2. PS- Thanks for voting for me! I really do think you are the kindest person in the whole wide World. :)


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