Small Graces

This past week has felt chaotic. My to-do list can no longer be contained to one piece of paper and I'm pretty sure I'll never cross every thing off. These pictures have me thinking maybe I should just throw the list out - it doesn't contain any of these moments...
a walk to the neighbor bakery - they have DINOSAUR cookies
ending the day with hot cocoa and homemade whip cream
watching the buddy get lost in imaginative play 
and in a little tree 
bread machine bread - the most rewarding 5 minutes of work ever 
the "fruits" (he he) of a craft night with husbandie
reading with my fashionable little bookworm
(thanks for the Missoni, Aunt Heather)
sweet smiles
Yep, the list is going in the garbage :)

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  1. So many things to love about this post: Herb's, playing outside in the fall, stylish sweaters, homemade bread! All it needs is something pumpkin based and a big leaf pile! As for the craft, what book/s are they?


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