Pumpkin Farm Pictures

The boys and I skipped nap time today in favor of a trip to a local pumpkin farm. Here's some pictures of our day.

big buddy's favorite animal: chickens

mini man loved all the animals

but this goat was his favorite

they bonded 

there was also lots of non-animal fun
the corn pits is where we spent most of our time

charlotte's web

big buddy loved the giant orange, jumping pillow - mini man and I
jumped too but he started to get cold and tired...
so we took a little cuddle and kisses break

which quickly ended when he saw big buddy conquering this mountain of
tractor tires

he's not one to be left behind :)
there were lots of tractors

of all shapes and sizes

i had to take the obligatory height picture before we
 left which they actually posed for - big buddy
is currently obsessed with rulers

and mini man is currently obsessed with copying
big buddy

It was a very fun, very full day.  I didn't get pictures, but we grabbed some apple cider donuts for the drive home and Mini Man was so exhausted he fell asleep with his half eaten in his hand - obviously not finished since the very first thing he did when I woke him was lift his hand to take a bite.

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