Red & Pink

SATURDAY earrings: gift, shirt: old navy, belt: thrift,
dress worn as skirt: anthropologie, shoes: florence
When I saw that Elaine's latest challenge was wearing red and pink together, I knew I had to participate.  First, I've had this outfit in my head for awhile.

And second, wearing pink and red together reminds of one of my favorite childhood memories. My mom and I had spent they day in town scouring Ben Franklin and thrift stores for last minute Girl Scout camp supplies. At one of our stops we found a bright pink baseball cap.  I was so excited about the new purchase that I promptly put in on as soon as we left the store. My mom chuckled and told me that the bright pink hat didn't really go with my red sailor dress. Feeling a little embarrassed I started to take it off. My mom stopped me laughed again and told me to leave it, that on me red and pink looked just fine. My mom was a single mom, so sending me to camp was a sacrifice.  I know she wanted me to have the memory.  I honestly don't remember much about the camp, but the day of shopping with her is one I've never forgotten...the beginnings of my love for thrifting and breaking fashion "rules".


  1. Sweet story and outfit :). I was a girl scout for over 10 years and loved going off to camp or sleepover trips.

  2. Such a great memory and I agree, red and pink does look good on you. :)


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