Saturday's Style Summary: October 1st

SUNDAY earrings: target, shirt: h&m, belt: f21, dress worn as skirt: anthopologie, shoes: dsw
THURSDAY earrings: gift, shirt: h&m, dress worn as skirt: florence, shoes: dsw
FRIDAY earrings: target, sweater: gymboree boys, shirt: frock swap, pants: h&m, shoes: frock swap 
SATURDAY earrings: target, necklace #1: f21, necklace #2: francesca's, pants: germany, shoes: dsw
Hopefully you can't see it in the pictures (please don't tell me if can) but I've been sporting a major pimple on my chin all week.  I really think that it should be against the law of nature to get pimples when you are a mom -- especially a mom of 3! Not because of age but because when you have children there is no forgetting that it's there - "Mommy, what is that?" "Mommy got owie on chin, I kiss it" "Mommy need band-aid". At least I never have to worry about not knowing :/ 


  1. It must have been gone by Friday, because the only thing I noticed was how cozy you looked on a beautiful fall day!


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