Saturday's Style Summary: October 8th

SUNDAY earrings: ?,  necklace: freecycle, shirt: target, belt: banana republic,
skirt: express, shoes: gift
TUESDAY earrings: ?, dress: anthropologie, bracelet: ?, tights,:gap, shoes: florence
WEDNESDAY earrings: target, shirt: modcloth, belt worn backwards: thrifted,
skirt: gap, tights: ?, shoes: florence
THURSDAY earrings: thrifted, sweater: thrifted, shorts: gap, shoes: macy's 
SATURDAY earrings: florence, dress: spain, tights: target, shoes: florence
Most of the time the weather in Chicagoland is one of two extremes: really cold and windy, or really hot and humid.  This week however the weather has been ideal: 70's with a slight breeze. Since it's such a rarity I decided to take full advantage and wear outfit combinations (tights with bare arms & shorts with a sweater) that I normally could not - I'm obviously a big fan of tights and bare arms. It would probably become a new obsession if the weather would continue to cooperate. 

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights


  1. An especially fabulous week Rachel! Normally I have one or two particular favorites, but every outfit made me smile :-)

  2. All awesome looks but I especially adore Tuesdays! You have pushed me over the edge in convincing me to egt mustard colored tights :)

  3. I saw your Tuesday look on EBEW and it is so fabulous! The mustard tights are perfect for that dress!

  4. These are phenomenal looks! I can't even pick a favorite! You are a very stylish lady. I think, if I had to pick, I like the simple black and white outfit. But really, they are all just fantastic!

  5. oh my cuteness! i love that dress with the yellow tights! super freaking cute!

  6. Love the way you wore those outfits. Cute, chic and yet classy. Love it!

    Cathy@TV Show Grey's Anatomy Credited in Helping Save Lives


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