Saturday's Style Summary

SUNDAY earrings & necklace: ? sweater: zara, dress worn as shirt: anthropologie,
skirt: thrift, tights: ?, shoes: dsw
THURSDAY earrings: target, necklace #1: f21, necklace #2: clarie's,  shirt: h&m,
sweater: target, pants; h&m, shoes: macy's
FRIDAY/SATURDAY earrings: target, necklace: freecycle, sweater: f21, belt: f21,
pants: thrift, boots: dsw
Today is sunny and beautiful, the rest of week...not so much.  It was rainy and cold so the kids and I spent most of our days inside. Inside days equal husbandie's thermals, yoga pants, & thick socks. It's a wonderfully comfortable combination but since I don't ever plan to post those pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it. 


  1. Love the top in the third photo, the F21 in my neck of the woods never carries such classy items!

  2. All of these outfits are so great. I adore the first one most.

  3. Hey! I have a facebook page called Modern Modest Fashion, and I was wondering if I could feature your first photo on an album dedicated specifically for photos from fashion blogs on the internet. Your blog will be listed as source and also as a must read blog. Is that ok?

    That girl from -


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