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Scarecrow Festival

This weekend we attended a neighboring town's Scarecrow Festival. We also went last year and I think it will be one of our family's fall traditions.  The festival has the normal costly attractions like a carnival and food vendors, but it also has tons of things to do for free or just a couple dollars. We were there for almost four hours on Saturday and spent only $5. The kids had fun collecting free souvenirs (shovels, bubbles, frisbees. etc) and making crafts (a bird feeder and ghost sucker).  And of course, the highlight of the event is the scarecrows.
a few of our favorites
 making our own scarecrow
Mini Man was a little overzealous with his
Mr. Scarecrow's new home
a few scarecrow themed books I'd recommend:
The Scarecrow's Dance, Barn Dance, & Lonely Scarecrow


  1. How fun and festive.

    I would love for you to linkup and share this over on my mommy resource meme!

  2. I love how to took a field and read books on scarecrows. What fun!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  3. What a fun time you've had... I love the scarecrow...

  4. Hey - that's my town too!! We love the Scarecrow Festival!! And you brave it with 4 under four in tow - you are my hero!!! If you are interested, I am starting a Linky Party if you want to link up at


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