Small Graces

 paying only $20 for a coat, snow-pants, & boots at
an annual consignment sale
dressing the little lady
matching shirts 
a husband who mixes his prints
and insists on carrying the little lady while he mows
so that i can cook in peace
accompanying husbandie on one of his class's field trips 
then staring as he works - he's talented and hot 
a scoop of pumpkin ice cream added to very hot coffee
a beautiful fall day at the park
where my mini stuntmen provided endless entertainment


  1. I love the little baby boot/moccasins. I would love to find some just like those!

  2. That picture of the Baby Girl on the table might be my favorite ever. That smile!

  3. That is so dang cute that your husband carries little lady while mowing the lawn. I bet she LOVES it! And matching shirts on my boys makes me happy too. :)


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