Small Graces

little lady's pulling herself up
dancing on bubble wrap
my boys' imagination, this is not just getting into the
car, it's a rescue helicopter mission
kid friendly restaurants
fabric covered boxes I made this week
big buddy falling in love with the $3 garage sale
costume/me not staying up till midnight all next week
making an ankylosaurus costume 
how excited big buddy was when I gave him a ruler, i love my little nerd 
the impromptu concert daddy and mini man put on for daddy's students
(we had them over for a little harvest celebration)
and a couple un-photographed small graces...
1- finding the time this week to have lengthy phone calls with three of my sisters and my mom
2 - maca (aka my mother-in-law) taking my kids for the afternoon so i could do party prep
3 - over hearing this conversation
    big buddy: "can i tell you a secret"
    mini man: "yeah"
    big buddy: "you're my best friend"
    mini man: "best friend!"

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