Christmas Tree Hunt

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is cutting down our own tree. Even before we had children Husbandie and I always made a trip to a local farm.  For us it is what marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Here's some pictures from this year's hunt.

armed and ready

little lady's not so sure about this 

lucky for us a dog convinced her the trip
was fun after all 

mini man needed no convincing

3 other adults along & they both still insisted I carry
them - how are my arms not more toned? 

our tree!


big buddy made sure we didn't leave any branches

next year the tree is all his 

our one hiccup of the trip was mini man having a
 little accident - he's been doing so well in underwear
I keep forgetting when we are out - lucky for him
maca was happy to share her scarf

We haven't finished adding all our ornaments yet but when we do, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished tree and some of our other decorations. Hope you are enjoying this season of advent.

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