Dr. Seuss At The Musuem

One of the main reasons we are currently doing a  Dr. Seuss unit is because a local museum is having a special exhibit. Big Buddy and I went on a to date to the museum this past weekend and to be honest, I was a little disappointed.  The problem was the website promised hands-on experiences like oobleck and a chance to build "Seussian" contraptions with wheels, horns and tubes. These activities were no where to be found and, except for a small corner, it was not what I'd consider an overall child-friendly exhibit.
the not-quite Seussian building materials at the exhibit
Big Buddy however did enjoy his visit - being able to see the statues and large pictures of some of his favorite characters as well as lots of Dr. Seuss himself. Several of other exhibits in the museum were also a delight. 

we spent a long time here - i think i'm going to make
our own smaller version 
big buddy has sat in a lot of tractors, but this was his
first combine - he was so excited
tractor wheels are good place to rest
they had some just-hatching eggs - probably could have
stayed here all day

he found this lady's story very captivating
exhausted on the way home
Spending the day with just him was such a treat. He's a very inquisitive boy and it was fun getting to follow his lead and see the museum through his eyes.


  1. I'm sorry you were disappointed.:( That museum looks AWESOME! I love how museums have gotten so much more kid friendly. A Dr. Seuss exhibit is such a cool idea.
    I'm a new follower from the Mingle Hop.:)

  2. Wow, just to let you know your son's chest clip is way too low! It should be across his chest just below his arm pits for the safest ride in your nautalis carseat! We love this seat and own 4. Made my oldest stay harnessed until 8 since he was under 65#!


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