Family Photo Blooper

The weather was amazing yesterday, one of those perfect fall days that makes you sigh and proclaim autumn as your favorite season. So we decided to capitalize and take some family photos. Husbandie and I were pretty excited...the boys however, needed a little convincing.
big buddy wasn't happy about having to change out of his sweatpants
on a non-church day - mini man is very empathetic 
Lucky for us they are easy to please; a stick and arm swings is all it took to get them on board.
Not so lucky for us, I'm not very good at arm swings...
i blame this on husbandie, he had to look at me and
smile, his smile does funny things to my heart
& my palms
Good thing Mini Man is tough.
It didn't even phase him.
He probably was hoping it would happen again. 

We did get a couple non-blooper shots, including some where Big Buddy & Little Lady smiled.  I'll hopefully post them here soon, I think it's about time I add an "about us" page.  


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