Golden Apples

Several weeks ago in church our pastor shared this verse:

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver" 
Proverbs 25:11

Immediately upon hearing it I was convicted and even though I did not set out to memorize it, the words have buried themselves in my heart.  You see, far too frequently I am not cautious with my words.  I'll discipline my children out of frustration and the words I speak are not life-giving or growth-producing but hurtful and distructive. At the end of an exhausting day I'll nitpick and vent my frustrations at my husband even though all he's trying to do is serve me.  

This side of me would come as a shock to many of my friends & co-workers who would describe me as slow to speak and careful with my words. That is who I desperately want to be but in the two most important roles of my life (wife & mother) I often find myself failing. The shame and sadness I feel after these moments of verbal vomit are indescribable. Sitting in church that Sunday, hearing those words read, my first reaction was one of guilt and sadness. I was convicted of how my speech is frequently sinful. But as I began to pray over this verse, I realized that the Lord didn't just bring it to my attention to convict me but because He knows my heart, he knows who I desire to me as a wife and mother...He loves me. 

The Matthew Henry Commentary explains the verse this way: 

"A word of counsel, or reproof, rightly spoken, is especially beautiful, as fine fruit becomes still more beautiful in silver baskets."

I want to be beautiful to my husband and my children. I want to be the place they turn to for sound loving advice. When they think of me and my words I want them to think of them as sweet and life giving like fruit. 

I know the Lord wants to grant me that desire.  I know that if I trust in Him and walk with Him that I will experience more and more victory over my tongue.  That even in the stressful moments I will learn to speak wise and gentle words. 

This Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful that I am a wife and a mother.  I'm also thankful that because of the Lord I'm a growing wife and mother.  I don't have things perfect, I never will, but I'm believing that next year I will be able to look back and see growth... see more "golden apples".

a spray painted reminder

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