Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

My babies are sleeping and I should be prepping/cleaning for our New Years Eve celebration but instead I am looking through this year's pictures.  2011 was a good year - here are some my favorite memories. 
the birth of our little lady
sunday afternoons spent with husbandie (no kids!)
an amazing vacation with friends
our 1st garden
watching my boys become best buddies
celebrating the final harry potter movie 
my baby sister's annual visit 
a rained out dinosaur party 
completed projects
our niece isabelle
time with old friends
picking apples on a rainy day
our niece wren

I always feel a little sad at the end of a year - how did it go by so fast?  But I'm also excited. I love making goals and thinking about what the new year may bring. Here are some of the things I hope to accomplish in 2012.
  • read through the new testament at least twice
  • learn to knit
  • turn on my sewing machine
  • create a homeschool space
  • finish decorating the kids' rooms
  • yell less
  • add a feature artist/composer component to our homeschool curriculum 
  • mail thank-you notes and birthday cards in a timely matter
  • work out on a regular basis
  • eat fewer oreos
I'm not sure how many of these "goals" I'll actually accomplish (eat fewer oreos has been my list for almost a decade, I should probably just give up, if only they weren't on sale so often maybe I'd have more self control... or maybe I'd just pay more). It's fun to plan though and to hope. What are you hoping the New Year brings? 

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