Looking at Lights

Every year we like to drive around and look at Christmas lights. It's fun to see how creative our neighbors are and it's a great excuse to have popcorn and hot cocoa for supper.

This year however we added a twist. Inspired by our pastor's family, we decided to hand out little rewards to our favorite houses.  Each of the boys made a card which we then attached to small box of chocolates. 

supplies: construction paper folded in half, paint, glitter, sponge cut in
to light shapes
dip sponge in paint and press on paper
sprinkle glitter on wet paint 
mini man's card
big buddy's card

Inside each card we wrote a short note thanking our winner for decorating and explaining that their lights were a favorite.  We also included Isaiah 9:2 which prophesies the birth of Christ

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; 
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness on them has light shined.

mini man's favorite house 
big buddy's favorite house     


  1. wow love this sweet idea!! and what a ministry! :)

  2. Those are pretty impressive lights - we do not see anything like that where I live. What a great idea to reward your favourite house and it is a great ministry too.


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