A couple months ago I asked for some embroidery hoops on free cycle. My plan was to use them to hang scrap fabric in Little Lady's bedroom. It turned out to be one of those times I received way more than I could have hoped.  Not only did someone have embroidery hoops to spare, they had ten, and they were vintage metal hoops. I only wanted 4 or 5 for the bedroom so I decided to make a "Noel" sign with the rest.  I really like how the hymnal advent calendar we made for our niece turned out so I went with the same theme.

My original plan was to use black & white patterned fabric but I didn't find any I liked at Joanns. I did however find some fabulous scrap-booking paper.  It was pretty fibrous so I decided to give it a try and it worked!'

supplies i used: scrap-booking paper, embroidery hoops, mod podge,
 foam brush, pages from hymnal, scissors, and a pencil
steps: 1) fit embroidery hoop around paper, pull edges tight, trim off
excess paper
2) cut out letters from hymnal (i printed noel out in"baskerville"
semibold 200pt and used it as a guide)
3) mod podge back of letter and adhere to paper
4) wait 15 minutes and cover surface with even coat of mod podge
finished project
I'm really please with how it turned out - it's a nice addition to the bottom of our staircase. When the holidays are over I think I'll remake it either to say "home" or "love.


  1. Beautiful job! I also love working with scrapbook paper-so durable and double sided prints make it great-and love Mod Podge, too!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love these! How clever.

  3. Beautiful! I love the fabric you chose. Will you just be able to switch out the fabric, so you can use it again next Christmas? I love it!

  4. So pretty! I love "Noel." I like the black and white too...great job. Glad you shared at Shine On Fridays!!


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