My Favorite Storage Solution

Today is our last Christmas celebration and my boys can't wait to open more toys. But this poses a problem - they (the toys) will all need a home. Which is why I thought I'd share my favorite craft discovery of 2011 - taking old boxes and turning them in to pretty, storage containers. I found this brilliant idea on my friend Katie's blog.

Katie has a wonderful, and more calculated, tutorial (check it out here) on how to make these with hot glue.  However, calculations and hot glue have never been my friends, so I guesstimate and use mod podge.

supplies: diaper box with flaps removed (i put a coat of white paint
on my box so the logo wouldn't be visible under the burlap) fabric,
scissors,  mod podge, foam brush, & brayer (not neccessary but helpful)
I don't use exact measurements for the fabric but instead lay the box on top of the fabric and cut out a rough cross shape making sure there is a least an extra inch of fabric on each side. I trim up any extra fabric as I go. There are several ways to adhere the fabric but I prefer to mod podge the bottom first and then the two long sides. It's important to pull the fabric tight and to make sure all the wrinkles are smoothed before starting a new side. I've also discovered that cutting a square out of the flap corners makes it easier to fold the excess over the top edge.

After adhering fabric to the bottom and long sides, I begin on the short sides. I apply a layer of mod podge to the edges and fold over any excess fabric from the long sides. I then cover that fabric and the rest of the short side with modge podge. Once covered I fold the short side's fabric over the top - think wrapping a present. It is here that I use the brayer to smooth down the fabric. The last step is to adhere any extra fabric at the top (there should be at least an inch) to the inside of the box.

At this point I could call the box finished but I like to add labels.

stencils, foam brush, acrylic pain

finished box (not sure how it started but we call hero figurines "guys")

another optional step: i use an exacto to cut out handle holes
We've fallen in love with these boxes - seriously, I think I'm a little obsessed. They are inexpensive and easy to make. They are also surprisingly sturdy, which is a good thing since a trampoline was not among Mini Man's Christmas presents.


  1. Now that is a grand and great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aw, what a great DIY! I definitely need to get more organized in 2012...

  3. Yours look great!!! The mod podge is a great idea, too, but I detest the smell of it!

  4. I knew there was a reason I have been saving diaper boxes. Such a great idea!


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