A Sweet Valentine's Day

Yesterday was a fun day!  The night before Husbandie and I cut out hearts, wrote down some of our favorite things about our kids, and then hid them around the house. 

The boys noticed right away and were super excited to find them all. 

After finding them, we lined them all up on a blank wall and the kids asked me to read them several times through out the day...I'll probably be reading them a lot over the next week or so. :) 

We did not do too much school work but Big Buddy did practice writing his name on lots of Valentines - it was hard work because the space was much smaller than he's used to.

Once all our Valentines were addressed we taped them to some heart shaped lollipops we had made over the weekend and then tried to be very sneaky as we delivered them to our neighbors and friends. 

We did however get caught - they might have had a tip :) - at Maca and Papa's house, where they invited us in for heart-shaped donuts. 

After such a busy morning, the kids all took a nap and then woke to discover Maca and Papa had planned their own sneaky surprise. 

I didn't get a picture of it but the way the boys opened their surprises cracked me up. Big Buddy took out each item individually and carefully examined them.  Mini Man dumped his bag on the floor and immediately starting tearing open candy. 

When Husbandie came home he made us all heart shape pancakes for dinner.

Then after the kids went to bed he surprised me with a manicure. 

He had done quite a bit of research (You Tube is amazing) and was very professional about the process. It was actually quite educational for me. 


Feeling incredibly blessed today - I am so thankful for my family!


  1. This is all so wonderful! I might steal your heart idea for next year (pinning it now so I won't forget). How creative!! I love it.

  2. I love the manicure! That is so sweet!

  3. I love your ideas and how the grandparents and husband blessed you! Thanks for sharing....very sweet!

  4. Aww Thanks for sharing! Thats so adorable! I can't wait to have kids to share Valentines with! :)



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