Toilet Paper Tube Valentine

A teacher I worked with several years ago always did the simplest, yet most darling, crafts with her toddler classroom.  One of things she would do for Valentine's is turn toilet paper tubes into heart stamps. This year I thought it would be a perfect way for the kids to make cards for some of our far away relatives.

finished cards 

supplies: toilet paper tubes bent and taped into heart shapes, 
paint (a color for each child), cards
*i had planned on putting together a small tutorial on how to make
the hearts but my method is "bend and talk to the tube till it looks a
heart, then tape frantically". a quick google search however
led me to this tutorial which I will be using next time. 

after you've made your hearts all you need to
do is dip and stamp

it's so easy even little lady gave it a try
she was a little confused at 1st -
"you want me to do what? i can't eat it?" 

she quickly got the hang of it though

and was quite impressed with herself  : ) 

Once dry, I wrote down inside the cards the boy's responses to a few questions about love.

Question #1: What is love?
MM: "I don't member"
BB: "hearts"

Question #2: Who do you love?
MM: "girls" - yes, we are worried :)
BB: "you" (mommy)

Question #3: What to you do when you love someone
MM: "hold them"
BB: "cuddle"

Question #4: What's one of your favorite things about ? (card recipient)
MM:"they play with me" - for every. single. person.
BB: various answers, but my favorite was for his Aunt Heather - "Uncle Kyle"

After we finished with the cards I let the boys do some free painting with the materials.  Big Buddy stuck pretty close to form and continued to make heart prints.

his finished work

Mini Man had ideas all his own...

I love the last picture of Big Buddy grabbing Mini Man's hand - he doesn't always quite understand his brother's "creativity" and was telling him "not like that, you are making a mess".


  1. That last pictures is great! hahaha My boys are the same way. The oldest always gets mad at the youngest for not doing it the right way. So cute!

    Your cards turned out so cute! We make cards for relatives every year too and I love this simple, beautiful idea!

  2. I love that she tasted it and, more importantly, that you didn't freak out. I love watching little ones explore. :)

  3. fantastic idea - i'm always looking for good uses for toilet rolls.

  4. I had to send this to Kyle at work so he can know his status in life :-)

  5. Oh, this one would link up there, as well. I am loving your site. I found you through hip homeschool moms.

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