Repurposed Toilet Bowl Brushes

Since the weather has warmed up the boys and I haven't done too many crafts - right now they would rather dig in the dirt than paint.  A couple weeks ago, however, we did do a little bit of messy painting outside. Yes, you read the title right - we used toliet bowl brushes!

Don't worry the brushes were brand new and have never seen a toilet; they were one of our 70-percent-off-Target-dollar-spot-deals - $0.33!  They actually worked quite well for painting, with each even coming with it's own little paint "dish". 

They are obsessed very interested in the toilet bowl in our bathroom so I figured these were sure to be a hit. 

If I can't stop them from finding it interesting I might as well "control" the fun. 

Towards the end they started using them more like mallets - so we'll be waiting till it's warm enough to hose them off outside before we play with them again. 


  1. What a fun idea!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  2. This is so awesome! I would LOVE for you to stop in and share it in my Mommy Solutions linky. You have such a great ideas! Feel free to share others, too.

    Thanks, Crystal

  3. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! new follower!

  4. What a great idea my kids are interested in the toilet brushes as well and love painting it would make a great competition.

    Would love for you to join in our weekly Tuesday Tots and also Thank you for coming along to play at the Kid's Co-op this week.

  5. What a VERY fun idea! Did you find that it helped or did not help with their toilet bowl cleaner interest?

    1. It was a ton of fun! They haven't played with the the toilet bowl cleaner since. I don't know if I can give all the credit to the painting though; since the weather been so nice we've been outside a lot so they probably don't have much mischievous energy.

  6. I have two boys too. They also love the toilet bowl brush... and the plunger. What is with that? I hide it from them and then I can never find it when I need it!! This looks super fun. I think my boys would enjoy.

  7. Thanks for linking up to the Afterschool Party! I can just imagine the sound of painting with the brushes too, I bet they just loved it. You've put your own spin on a gadget that all children would love to get their hands on. Can't wait to try it.

  8. I think this is hilarious! I love your idea. How in the world did you think of this?! I'm featuring this post at the Kid's Co-op this week.

  9. I think the brushes and cheerful colors are a brilliant combination! Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  10. LOL...good "clean" fun huh? What is it with boys and toilets.....

    Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land...hope to see you again soon!

  11. While reading your blog it seems that you research on this topic very much. I must tell you that your blog is very informative and it helps other also.

  12. Nice toilet bowl brushes you have done ;) thanks for sharing

    Matt Mertz @ ShopToilet


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