Saint Patrick's Day Fun

Things have been so crazy around our house the last couple weeks that we actually celebrated on the 18th instead of the 17th. If it wasn't for Husbandie's aunts sending us a box full of St. Patty's day goodies we probably would of skipped celebrating all together - their thoughtfulness made throwing together a little party super easy. 

The kids woke up to a find a "leprechaun" had decorated house.  

And enjoyed a breakfast of Lucky Charms and green milk before we headed off to church 

After church Maca and Papa joined us for lunch (corned beef, roasted potatoes, soda bread, and a few "green" sides) and cookie decorating. 

In addition to decorating our house, the boys also discovered that the "leprechaun" had hidden a bag of gold. To find it they just had to follow the clues. 

Big Buddy got really into it. 

Little Lady, however, wasn't so sure she approved of a leprechaun messing with her swing. 

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  1. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing. That might have to be our new St. Patty's breakfast. Love the rainbow streamers on the swing!

    Pink and Green Mama


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