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It's a few days late - blogging just didn't make the cut while I was enjoying Boston with husbandie - but here is some of what I wore last week.

SUNDAY earrings: ?, necklace & bracelet: gift, sweater: zara, shirt: filene's basement
tights: target, skirt & shoes: thrift 
I love the colors in this skirt and I am sad that these pictures do not do them justice. Rushed pictures before church aren't the best...but for now, I will keep them. 
TUESDAY earrings: ?, vest: charolette ruse, sweater & jeans: thrift, necklace & belt: f21,
shoes: target
My sons have been really in to super heros lately. Which is where I think I may have unintentionally got the  inspiration for this outfit - all day I was fighting the urge to run around with my arms out straight.

FRIDAY necklace: f21, dress: anthropologie, sweater, gap, tights: target, boots: piperlime
These pictures were taken in Boston's Public Garden - it was beautiful!  On a different note, I somehow lost one of my earrings and didn't realize it until mid afternoon. You can't really tell in these pictures so I'm hoping nobody noticed, and you are not allowed to say anything. 

SATURDAY earrings: target, scarf: gift, sweater: old navy, shirt: gap (girls), tights: target
dress worn as skirt: anthropologie, boots: piperlime 
This was a busy conference day for Husbandie so we weren't originally going to take outfit pictures but  did at the last minute while we were waiting for the elevator. I really liked this outfit and, happily, the pictures turned out a lot better than I thought they would.


  1. Love your outfits, especially your brown shoes you wore Sunday. I adore those! Cannot believe you thrifted them. That's a score.


  2. You always look so fabulous!! I envy that green dress. I think I've said that before. :) And I love the vest...I keep looking for something similar to that.

  3. I love your Friday and Saturday outfits. It looks like Boston suits you :)


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