Our Easter

I love Easter. Most importantly because it's a time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us - that he loved us enough to die a horrible death in our place - that he beat death at it's own game - that he reunited us with our Father. 

Another thing I love about Easter is that it has become a tradition for my mom and siblings to make the trek from Iowa and celebrate with us. This year was extra special because my sister Sarah and her family joined us for the first time. Here are a "few" photo highlights. 

sarah and her family in front of "the bean"

we had lunch on the 95th floor of the hancock
building, the boys were very impressed 

this street entertainer was another big highlight of
our trip in to the city 

a surprise package for one of the world's coolest great aunts. 

our church  really knows hoe to celebrate, "he is risen!" 

aren't my nieces crazy beautiful? 

accidental matching dresses

It was an amazing time and I am so thankful for the many wonderful memories.  Re-cooping hasn't been easy though. That, plus a few other things (internet problems, allergies, church commitments), made blogging last week seem impossible.  I hope this week is better, but since there are areas of my house that still need put back together, as well as a list of other commitments I need to keep, and husbandie is leaving for another 3-day work trip, I can't make any promises. 

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