DIY Sidewalk Paint

Today was beautiful, a rare perfect 72 degrees. We spent most of the day at the park with some friends, but in the afternoon we celebrated by mixing up some chalk paint and decorating our sidewalks. 

Our supplies

cornstarch, tablespoon, muffin tin, liquid water colors, popsicle sticks,
cold water, brushes
*food coloring can be used in place of liquid watercolors

 Step 1: scoop approximately 2T of cornstarch in each muffin tin

 Step 2: fill each muffin tin 3/4 full of water

Step 3: add several drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring

Step 4: stir mixture until it is smooth

we had a lot fun mixing colors and trying to
achieve the "perfect" shades

Step 5: paint

sauropods were, or course, big buddy's favorite thing
to paint 

Or pull a Mini Man and squeeze.

 It got pretty messy but it was a ton of fun.


  1. My kids are a bit too old for this now, wish I would have known how to do this when they were little. I will pass this along to my sis who has little kids! pippa

  2. just wrote everything down to go shopping, can't wait to have fun the with the grand babies thanks


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